Women’s Microbusiness Training Program

Program Description

HasNa’s Women’s Microbusiness Training Program provides a supportive platform for women in rural southeastern Turkey who are interested in starting or improving their own businesses.  The program trains participants in aspects of entrepreneurship, small business management, and on ways to secure financing for their endeavors.  Trainings focus significantly on vital ‘soft skills’ involving critical thinking, problem solving, strategic decision making, and conflict resolution.

HasNa has worked in conjunction with Anatolian Artisans to provide microbusiness training to five groups of women since 2003.  HasNa and Anatolian Artisans trained 20 women in Sanliurfa in 2003, 19 women in Kilis in 2006, 13 women in Mardin in 2007, 17 women in Sanliurfa in 2008, and 15 women in Kars in 2009.  HasNa is very grateful for Chevron’s support in funding the most recent training in Kars.

Beyond business skills, the program aims to provide women with the confidence and encouragement needed to face both practical and psychosocial barriers to the success of their ventures.  These soft skills are especially essential in a region where women are often overlooked as viable financial contributors for their families and where schooling for girls often ends after the primary level.

In spite of these hardships, the women who have participated in HasNa’s programs are full of enthusiasm and are determined to provide a better future for themselves, their families, and their neighbors. The successes of HasNa program alumni serve as inspiration for other women to realize their potential and take steps to improve their communities.