Water and Agriculture

Agriculture is the largest source of income in southeastern Turkey. The improvement of farming and irrigation techniques is vitally important for the advancement of the region.

HasNa’s water and agriculture programs reach diverse groups of farmers, local water associations, and others through technical training and communication training programs. Programs enable participants to increase their productivity and resolve conflicts in their communities so as to sustain their advances.

Farm Extension Programs

Farmers in southeastern Turkey face numerous obstacles to competing in Turkey’s produce market because of lack of access to modern agricultural techniques and training opportunities. HasNa provides training programs on farm extension to farmers and agricultural experts in southeastern Turkey to help them overcome these obstacles. The first component of these programs is the Distance Education Program, which aims to connect farmers directly to agricultural expertise via Skype sessions between Turkish farmers and American agricultural experts. The second component of these programs, a U.S.-based training program, involves bringing a small group of farmers and experts to the U.S. every new year for a two-week long training on the functions and advantages of the farm extension system.  Learn More

Citrus Farmers Training Program

Agriculture is a major source of income in Southern Turkey. In the province of Mersin, many farmers cultivate citrus fruits using traditional agricultural techniques inherited from their ancestors. HasNa designed the Citrus Farmers Training Program to provide education on modern farming techniques and business skills to citrus farmers from Southern Turkey. Citrus farmers traveled to Washington, DC and Florida between June 19 and July 2, 2011 to learn modern citrus farming techniques, business fundamentals, and communication skills. Learn More

Pistachio Farmers Training Program

In Southeastern Turkey, agriculture is the only source of income for many poor farmers. Nevertheless, the climate in the region is ideal for growing many agricultural products, including pistachios. In June 2010, HasNa welcomed six pistachio farmers, two government officials, and two farm extension workers to its Pistachio Farmers Training Program 2010. The program exposed the participants from diverse backgrounds to modern pistachio farming techniques in the U.S., which they will be able to use to improve their pistachio yield when they return to Turkey. 

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Leader Farmer Training Program

In 2007, HasNa hosted its first Leader Farmer Training Program. This program brought seven farmers and three GAP (Southeastern Anatolian Project) officials, one of whom is also a farmer, from southeastern Turkey to the United States to learn new farming, irrigation and marketing techniques. Learn More