The Turkey Refugee Response Initiative

The Turkey Refugee Response Initiative (TRRI) is a multi-phased research endeavor aimed at exploring the role of local governments, civil society organizations, and international nongovernmental agencies in serving Turkey’s refugee communities, particularly in the realms of access to livelihoods and overall social cohesion. Over the past few weeks we have conducted a series of consultations with local civil society leaders, municipalities, academics, and international development workers to map out the challenges/opportunities and best practices in refugee assistance, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the course of the next few weeks and months we will share our findings in a series of briefs, reports, and online events.

The ultimate aims of the TRRI are to amplify the voices of frontline workers, draw attention to the needs of civic organizations, and to promote both domestic and international cooperation among all those working to improve the lives of refugees living in Turkey.

Source: Ali Sekeroglu