HasNa has been working in Turkey since 1998, applying its unique model to promote peace through understanding. Our projects are the result of dedication to our mission and also hard work and commitment from local partners and project participants. Successful projects require input from local organizations and individuals. They also require passionate participants who take what they learn in training and apply it to their professional work and personal relationships.

Nevzer Stacey, HasNa’s Founder and President, is currently traveling in Turkey to accomplish two main goals: to strengthen partnerships with local organizations and to follow up with alumni from previous HasNa projects.

Nevzer Stacey Meeting with Alumni in Turkey in March 2011

HasNa is searching for more local organizations that it can partner with to implement new projects. Input from knowledgeable local partners that have established trust within their communities is a vital component to HasNa’s model. HasNa is also meeting with organizations it has worked with in the past to explore future opportunities to work constructively together. Among other things, HasNa is exploring partnerships for programs that will bring people together from Turkey and Armenia.

HasNa is also working to strengthen its relationship with alumni from previous projects.  We recently surveyed our alumni to assess the impact that we have made in the last decade. HasNa is following up this effort by meeting face to face with many of them in Turkey. We hope to be a catalyst in strengthening the connections between the different alumni groups. We also hope to continue the dialogue that began with the alumni survey to help us improve our projects and generate ideas for the future.

By Ryan Olivett