Summer Camp Teachers Training Program (2006)


In 2006, HasNa sponsored a week-long training program for thirteen teachers at a summer camp in Sanliurfa, Turkey.  Participating teachers taught English, agriculture, and computer lessons at the camp, which was established especially for the children of local farmers.  Camp attendees came from many cultural backgrounds and ranged in age from twelve to fifteen years old.  Some teachers notably lacked proper training in education or had no prior teaching experience.  Camp administrators desired skills for teachers both to manage conflict among the 160 camp attendees and to integrate conflict handling and communication skills into their curricula.

HasNa trained participating teachers in conflict resolution skills as well as pedagogical methods that incorporate inquiry-based learning.  Participants learned about the brain development of adolescents and appropriate “brain-based” strategies for teaching teenagers.  Teachers especially sought to incorporate teaching tools such as mind maps, word walls, and word banks into their lesson plans.  In HasNa’s evaluation of the program, participants emphasized their increased motivation to teach at the camp and confidence in their teaching methods.