Sanliurfa English Language Teacher Training Program (2006)


HasNa organized a training program in 2006 for twenty-five English language instructors in Sanliurfa, Turkey.  Training was conducted by Bennett Lindauer of Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development, which designs and implements executive education and technical training programming for individuals and organizations around the world.  The program sought to provide the teachers with the skills and techniques needed to become more effective instructors and to increase English language proficiency in the region.

Participating teachers came from geographically and socioeconomically diverse schools in the Sanliurfa area.  While participants had at least some experience teaching English language courses – from primary school through the high school level – none had previously received in-depth training in innovative teaching methodologies.  The program not only provided these instructors with tools to use in the classroom, but provided them the unique experience of being able to share their experiences and knowledge with their colleagues in a way that would otherwise not be possible due to cultural and social impediments.