The Harran Su Newspaper (2004)


In 2004, HasNa awarded a small grant to Servet Yazar to create Harran Su, a newspaper that provides those in the agricultural sector information on new farming techniques, irrigation, and innovations on water usage, as well as provide available resources to the farming community.

Mr. Yazar, who participated in HasNa’s water resource management training in 2000, sought to familiarize farmers in southeastern Turkey with the latest farming developments and to develop a network of individuals to share farming skills with one another. Mr. Yazar also saw Harran Su as an opportunity to work with and connect farmers from Turkey’s diverse cultural groups.

In 2006, Mr. Yazar received another small grant from HasNa to follow up on the progress Harran Su had made in the two years since it was created. Harran Su had recently merged with Tekno GAP, a well know agricultural newspaper in Turkey, in order to provide a stronger publication. HasNa’s small grant helped to expand the distribution of Harran Su as well as develop the capabilities of the newspaper’s staff.