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HasNa believes that the next generation of young people must become dedicated peace-builders in order to bring lasting change to their communities.

Our youth programs embrace this philosophy, supporting and empowering young people by fostering a spirit of volunteerism, civic engagement, and conflict resolution. The programs build the capacity of youth organizations and train the trainers of the next generation.


English Language Teacher Training Program in Diyarbakir

HasNa’s English Language Teacher Training Program in Diyarbakir took place in two phases. The first phase began in April 2011 with advanced language training for 12 middle-school and high-school English teachers in Diyarbakir, Turkey. This month-long program covered English teaching practices and techniques in addition to strengthening their own language capabilities. Four of these teachers from public and private schools were selected to participate in the program’s second phase in Washington, DC, in July and August 2011. Read More…

Youth Volunteer Conflict Resolution Training Program

Recognizing the need and the benefit of teaching youth how to manage conflicts, HasNa conducted a two day conflict resolution and mediation training sessions for Toplum Gönüllüleri (TOG) volunteers and staff in Istanbul in 2008. TOG is an organization that seeks to achieve peace and social change by engaging the youth sector in volunteer projects. The youth volunteers develop and lead projects themselves, an experience which will help them make greater contributions as adults but also underscores the need for conflict resolution training that will enhance their leadership capabilities.  Read More…


Summer Camp Teachers Training Program

In 2006, HasNa sponsored a week-long training program for thirteen teachers at a summer camp in Sanliurfa, Turkey. Participating teachers taught English, agriculture, and computer lessons at the camp, which was established especially for the children of local farmers. Camp attendees came from many cultural backgrounds and ranged in age from twelve to fifteen years old. Some teachers notably lacked proper training in education or had no prior teaching experience. Camp administrators desired skills for teachers both to manage conflict among the 160 camp attendees and to integrate conflict handling and communication skills into their curricula. Read More…

Sanliurfa English Language Teacher Training Program

HasNa organized a training program in 2006 for twenty-five English language instructors in Sanliurfa, Turkey. Training was conducted by Bennett Lindauer of Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development, which designs and implements executive education and technical training programming for individuals and organizations around the world. The program sought to provide the teachers with the skills and techniques needed to become more effective instructors and to increase English language proficiency in the region.  Read More…

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