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Youth Volunteer Conflict Resolution Training Program (2008)


Recognizing the need and the benefit of teaching youth how to manage conflicts, HasNa conducted two day-long conflict resolution and mediation training session for Toplum Gönüllüleri (TOG) in Istanbul in May and June 2008.  TOG is an organization that seeks to achieve peace and social change by engaging youth across the country in volunteer projects.  TOG youth volunteers develop and lead projects themselves, an experience which helps them gain leadership skills and allows them to make greater contributions as adults.

Since conflict resolution and communication skills are critical in any leadership position, HasNa joined with the Center for Dispute Settlement (CDS) to train 29 TOG volunteers and staff in active listening, mediation concepts, facilitation, and related skills.  Participants in the program hope to use such skills in future work and volunteer projects, highlighting the importance of communication in all areas of life.

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