Farmers in southeastern Turkey face numerous obstacles to competing in Turkey’s produce market because of lack of access to modern agricultural techniques and training opportunities. HasNa provides training programs on farm extension to farmers and agricultural experts in southeastern Turkey to help them overcome these obstacles. The first component of these programs is the Distance Education Program, which aims to connect farmers directly to agricultural expertise via Skype sessions between Turkish farmers and American agricultural experts. The second component of these programs, a U.S. Farm Extension Training Program, involves bringing a small group of farmers and experts to the U.S. every year for a two-week long training on the functions and advantages of the farm extension system.


What is the Farm Extension System?

In HasNa's model, Farm Extension basically refers to a system that aims to increase cooperation and collaboration between farmers, agricultural experts, academics, and local government.

Learn more about the history and the functions of the USDA's Farm Extension System, which inspires HasNa in its water and agricultural programs in Turkey.

To learn more about the role of Farm Extension as a peacebuilding tool, check out the following article by the United States Institute of Peace.


Farm Extension Program 2012-2013

Learn more about HasNa's Distance Education program and U.S. Farm Extension Training Program for Turkish farmers and agricultural experts during 2012 and 2013.


Follow-up to U.S. Farm Extension Training Program 2013

Learn more about the follow-up activities that took place after the Farm Extension Training Program in April 2013.


Farm Extension Program 2014

Learn more about the July 2014 Farm Extension Training Program in the United States.


Evaluation of 2013-2014 Farm Extension Programs

Read the evaluation report prepared by Dr. Robert Wise in May 2015


How You Can Help

HasNa's goal is to expand the group of participating farmers and specialists and to advance the localization of knowledge and practices while building institutional relations in the southeast region of Turkey.  To realize this goal, we need your support.  If you would like to support this important program, please make a donation or contact us to get involved.