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CYDD Conflict Resolution Training Program (2006)

Program Description

HasNa partnered with the Turkish organization CYDD (Ça?da? Ya?am? Destekleme Derne?i, or the Association for the Support of Contemporary Living) in 2006 to organize a series of conflict resolution trainings for the organization’s staff and volunteers.  CYDD uses the skills and experience of its volunteers to bolster Turkish civil society and improve the lives of Turkish citizens. Many CYDD programs teach young women and housewives crucial skills to help them find employment and achieve financial independence.

The HasNa training in Istanbul covered various aspects of conflict management and problem solving, which are especially important due to the nature of the work of volunteers.  Some CYDD representatives, for instance, travel to villages in southeastern Turkey in an effort to convince fathers to send their daughters to school.  Participants aim to use the conflict resolution and mediation techniques learned during the program to assist them in volunteer work with CYDD and in their professions.


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