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Community Groups – Cyprus

HasNa believes that all members of society must work in cooperation if cross-cultural understanding and sustained economic development are to be achieved.

Programs build the capacity of people who seek to improve their communities. We use training, relationship-building, and connections with American counterparts.

Programs focus on increasing skills in organizational management, business, and conflict resolution so as to enable non-governmental organizations and local associations to play a key role in peace-building and local development.

Cyprus Peace Day Festival

In September of 2015, the first ever Cyprus Peace Day Festival occurred and focused on “Celebrating Our Togetherness”. One hundred and fifty attendees of different generations from both the Greek and Turkish Communities played a part in the day’s activities, comprising a symposium, workshops and an evening street festival in the buffer zone in Nicosia. The symposium, titled “No Future without Forgiveness” featured John McKinney, a Northern Irishman renowned worldwide for his role in forgiveness and reconciliation after the terrible 1998 bombing. Mr. McKinney focused on the significance of citizen peace building and stressed the importance of its role in a political settlement.  Read More…

Collaborative Solutions to Shared Environmental Problems in Cyprus

Working with our local partners in Cyprus – Terra Cypria in the south and the Cyprus Turkish Biologists Environment Research and Protection Association in the north – HasNa brought a bi-communal group of Cypriot environmental NGO leaders to Washington, DC for two weeks of training and site visits in July 2012. Through the Collaborative Solutions project, participants examined the relationship between environmental issues and conflict over resources and protected areas and they identified collaborative strategies for facilitating workable solutions to environmental conflict back on the island.  Read More…

Cypriot Volunteer Network Project

In 2008, HasNa played a significant role in the implementation of the Volunteer Network Project in Cyprus, a two-year project funded by UNDP-ACT and sponsored by the UN, which aimed to foster cooperation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The Volunteer Network Project was implemented by The Management Centre, The NGO Support Centre and HasNa. Since volunteerism is an essential part of an prosperous and engaged civil society, the project aims to build local and international networks among organizations in Cyprus that work with volunteers. Read More…

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