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HasNa launched two successful programs focusing on Armenian-Turkish peace-building in 2012 and has followed up with two new programs focused on Armenian-Turkish youth collaboration in 2013-2014 – Side by Side: Digital Stories and VITA: Volunteer Initiative in Turkey and Armenia.  HasNa has built relationships with partners in both countries committed to building networks of peace and cooperation for regional development.

Information about HasNa's Armenian-Turkish programs is below.  Continue checking our website for updates on past and upcoming programs.

VITA: Volunteer Initiative in Turkey and Armenia

Volunteerism and civic engagement are the cornerstones of a strong nation. VITA: Volunteer Initiative in Turkey and Armenia aims to create links between Turkish and Armenian youth and to construct cross-cultural networks among them and their communities. The program achieves this aim through training and activities that highlight the social benefits of volunteerism and civic engagement. The program was planned with the intention that the Turkish and Armenian youth will design and implement community service initiatives in their home communities throughout Turkey and Armenia.    Read More…


Crafting Peace: Armenian-Turkish Stonemasonry Cooperation Program

From September 23rd to October 3rd, 2012, HasNa and our local Armenian and Turkish partners brought a group of stonemasons, architects, cultural tourism experts, NGO professionals, and private sector representatives to Washington, DC, for two weeks of training, site visits, and meetings in order to promote cross-border efforts to preserve their common cultural heritage through restoration, the opening of new markets, and tourism.  Read More…


Entrepreneurship Beyond Borders: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Armenia and Turkey

The success of Turkish and Armenian women as entrepreneurs in their communities is a critical aspect of addressing the tumultuous relationship between the two neighbors. While unemployment is high in both countries, women have a significantly higher level of unemployment and earn less than men. Turkish and Armenian women own and manage fewer firms than those of other countries in the area. HasNa aims to give women in Armenia and Turkey the knowledge, skills, and support they need to advance as entrepreneurs and work together for the development of the entire region.  Read More…

Side by Side: Digital Stories

It is said that a picture is worth thousand words which is why HasNa has chosen visual story telling as an illustrative tool to depict the similarities and differences in communities on both sides of the Turkish-Armenian border. Side by Side: Digital Stories is a three phase project.  During the first phase, which will takes place in March, participants from Turkey will spend one week travelling in the border region of Turkey to collect digital stories from people living in the area. The second phase will take the Armenian participants to the border region of Armenia to collect similar information. During the third phase, which occurs in May, both the Turkish and Armenian participants will come together and spend 2 weeks in Washington DC. This phase includes the final exhibition of photos, film screenings and sound presentations.   Read More…



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