HasNa’s programs in Turkey address issues involving water and agriculture, community groups, women in business, and young people. We bring together diverse groups from across the country to acquire professional and conflict resolution skills that are useful in their careers and communities.


Most HasNa programs focus on under-served communities in areas such as southeastern Turkey, where such skills are most needed.

To date, we have worked in Kars, Mardin, Kilis, Mersin, Diyarbakir, Sanliurfa, and Istanbul.


HasNa has implemented peace-building programs in Cyprus that have been ongoing since 2001. Our unique approach brings together Turkish Cypriots from the northern part of the island and Greek Cypriots from the south for customized training in conflict resolution and communication skills.

Distorted facts and biased news reporting are responsible for many of the divided island’s tensions and prejudices. HasNa aims to combat these problems by promoting open, inclusive dialogue as an essential foundation for reconciliation.


HasNa is launched its programs focusing on Armenian-Turkish peace-building in late 2012.  HasNa has built relationships with partners in both countries committed to building networks of peace and cooperation for regional development.


Historically, the relationship between Turks and Armenians has been politically complicated. HasNa seeks to solve these big issues between the two nations by first focusing on building cooperation and fostering peaceful understanding on the personal and community levels. We hope that participants in these programs will go on to enact change on a social and political level to raise the level of peace and cooperation in the region.