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Women in Business

HasNa works to enable women across the region to play a prominent role in their local economies. In a business climate that is dominated by men, HasNa programs provide women with the skills and confidence they need to thrive and prosper.

Each program integrates communication and conflict resolution skills to help women learn to work better together to improve their communities.


Entrepreneurship Beyond Borders

The success of Turkish and Armenian women as entrepreneurs in their communities is a critical aspect of addressing the tumultuous relationship between the two neighbors. While unemployment is high in both countries, women have a significantly higher level of unemployment and earn less than men. Turkish and Armenian women own and manage fewer firms than those of other countries in the area. HasNa aims to give women in Armenia and Turkey the knowledge, skills, and support they need to advance as entrepreneurs and work together for the development of the entire region.  Read More…

Women's Microbusiness Training Program

HasNa has worked in conjunction with Anatolian Artisans to provide microbusiness training to five groups of women across southern and eastern Turkey since 2003. The Women’s Microbusiness Training Program provides a supportive platform for women who want to start or improve their own businesses. The program trains participants in aspects of entrepreneurship, small business management, and on ways to secure financing for their endeavors. Trainings focus significantly on vital ‘soft skills’ involving critical thinking, problem solving, strategic decision making, and conflict resolution.  Read More…


Kars Ecotourism Training Program

Ecotourism is one of the most rapidly developing sectors in Turkey and throughout the region. HasNa has partnered with the KuzeyDo?a Association, a Turkish environmental nonprofit organization, to support ecotourism trainings for women in the Kars region of Turkey since 2010. Through the ecotourism program, HasNa aims to build capacity, contribute to local development, and raise awareness of environmental issues among local villagers, with a particular focus on the inclusion of women.  Read More…

CYDD Conflict Resolution Training Program

HasNa partnered with the Turkish organization CYDD in 2006 to organize a series of conflict resolution trainings for the organization’s staff and volunteers.  CYDD (Ça?da? Ya?am? Destekleme Derne?i, or the Association for the Support of Contemporary Living) uses the skills and experience of its volunteers to bolster Turkish civil society organizations and improve the lives of underserved Turkish citizens. Most training participants are active in CYDD programs that teach young women and housewives crucial skills to help them find employment and achieve financial independence.  Read More…

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