In order to continually support the efforts of program graduates, HasNa sponsored English language training in 2005 for twenty past HasNa participants in Sanliurfa.  English language skills are viewed by residents across the region as critical for participation in the global economy and for interaction with international companies and nonprofit organizations.  HasNa’s 2005 English program aimed to empower program alumni to work for sustainable development in southeastern Turkey and to build new relationships outside of the country.

The four-week training was led by Dennis Copeland, a former Peace Corps volunteer and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher of 30 years.  English lessons emphasized the conversational and professional English skills sought by HasNa alumni and culminated in participant presentations in English that related to their respective professions.  The training allows HasNa graduates to build further on the skills they have gained during previous programs, and enables them to make greater contributions to their communities.