Following HasNa’s training program for professionals from DISIAD, HasNa provided training in 2007 for a second group of businessmen from Diyarbakir, Turkey in business management and conflict resolution. The nine participants, all members of the business organization MUS?AD (Müstakil Sanayici ve ??adamlar? Derne?i), worked in various business sectors such as the health, construction, and food sectors. The goal of the training was to improve business performance by exposing the trainees to concepts such as corporate responsibility and human resource development.

In addition to the business management and conflict resolution training, the businessmen had a chance to meet with American businessmen, Turkish professionals at the World Bank, and several founders of American NGOs. They also visited the National Fruit Product Company to observe how products are manufactured in the U.S. At the conclusion of the training, the businessmen used the skills they learned during the training to write their own business plans which they hoped to implement upon their return to Turkey.