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DISIAD Business Training Program (2007)


In 2007, HasNa trained a group of businessmen and women from Diyarbakir, Turkey, in conflict resolution and business management. The 16 participants were members of the Diyarbak?r Sanayici ??adamlar? Derne?i (D?S?AD), a business organization that works in various industrial sectors such as construction and marble production.

During the two week program the participants learned:

  • How a business is structured to achieve its mission
  • How to manage employees
  • How to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • How to write a strategic business plan
  • How to view communication as a cause of conflict and as a tool
    to deal with conflict
  • How to identify parties’ interests in a conflict
  • How to evaluate the quality of agreements to make sure they are workable and enforceable

The participants also had the opportunity to meet with a commercial counselor at the Turkish Embassy and several American businessmen to learn strategies for running a successful business in the U.S. The participants were able to examine differences between business practices in Turkey and in the U.S. At the conclusion of the training, the participants wrote their own business plans which they intended to implement once they returned to Turkey.

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