Water & Agriculture

Agriculture is the largest source of income in southeastern Turkey. The improvement of farming and irrigation techniques is vitally important for the advancement of the region… Learn more


Community Groups

HasNa believes that all members of society must work in cooperation if cross-cultural understanding and sustained economic development are to be achieved… Learn more


HasNa believes that the next generation of young people must become dedicated peace-builders in order to bring lasting change to their communities… Learn more


Women in Business

HasNa works to enable women across the region to play a prominent role in their local economies. Each program integrates communication and conflict resolution skills to help women learn to work better together to improve their communities… Learn more

Media & Communications

Recognizing that distorted facts and biased news reporting perpetuate negative perceptions, HasNa works in Cyprus to promote inclusive dialogue as a foundation for reconciliation… Learn more


Alumni-Led Projects

HasNa strongly emphasizes follow-up activities led by past program participants. These pilot projects reinforce the skills and experiences gained by participants of HasNa programs and create a ripple effect that reaches a wider audience of community stakeholders… Learn more