Recent Projects

The Turkey Refugee Response Initiative (TRRI)

Through its publications, events, and locally led projects, the TRRI has shed a light on the vulnerabilities and challenges experienced by Turkey’s refugee communities. Its activities emphasize the continued need not only for strengthened refugee protections but also the prioritization of robust social cohesion efforts that foster intercommunal trust and empathy between host and refugee populations.

Past Projects

Human Development and Livelihoods Training

One of HasNa’s longest running program areas is peacebuilding through livelihoods training and human development. We have carried out livelihoods trainings in a number of different sectors including sustainable agriculture, small business development, and cultural tourism. 

Youth and Women’s Empowerment 

Our Youth and Women’s Empowerment projects provide a supportive platform for women and youth through trainings in micro-business and entrepreneurship, activism, eco-journalism, and volunteer projects.

Capacity-building for Civil Society Organizations

Through a variety of capacity-building projects such as leadership training for Turkish women’s NGOs, setting up a bi-communal radio show in Cyprus, and promoting environmental sustainability trough collaborative projects, HasNa shares its own expertise with other community leaders and CSOs working towards positive peace and social cohesion.