VITA Program in Turkish and Armenian News

HasNa's VITA: Volunteer Initiative in Turkey & Armenia Program, which took place in January 2014, was closely followed by both Armenian language and Turkish language media outlets. Reporters from Voice of America – Armenia as well as Posta 212, a newspaper for Turks living in America, observed the program participants during training sessions and volunteer activities. Through these observations, as well as through interviews with program participants and HasNa staff members, the reporters got a sense of HasNa's goals of bringing Turkish and Armenian youths together in order to learn important skills about how to promote volunteerism in their home communities.

The Turkish article in Posta 212 is entitled "Türk ve Ermeni gençleri ‘Gönüllülük’ e?itiminde," and it focuses on the way the program promotes cross-cultural understanding between Turks and Armenians. Voice of America – Armenia put out a video, entitled "?????????? ??????????????", which was broadcast in Armenia and includes interviews with participants and HasNa staff.

We are very proud of the VITA Participants, and we will continue to provide updates on their follow-up projects.