HasNa Article Appears in the Peacebuilding Post

January 2012

“What happens when you bring diverse individuals from Turkey and Cyprus to the U.S. for training in professional skills, communication skills, and conflict resolution?  As HasNa, Inc. has discovered over the last thirteen years, lives change, communities transform, and peace grows…”

With all the attention that HasNa’s programs are receiving in Cyprus and Turkey, it is clear that HasNa plays an integral role in the international peacebuilding community.  The Alliance for Peacebuilding, an association of organizations that promote collaborative action for peace and security world-wide, selected an article on HasNa to appear in the initial 2012 online publication of the Peacebuilding Post.  The article highlights the experiences of participants in HasNa’s successful water and agriculture programs and captures the impact that our conflict resolution training has had on their lives.  HasNa has been an active member of the Alliance for Peacebuilding since 2007.

Click here to read HasNa’s article in the Peacebuilding Post