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HasNa’s 20th Anniversary Report

To mark 20 years of working in the field of peacebuilding and professional development, HasNa has published a report on what we have accomplished so far and where we wish to go from here. Click here to read.

HasNa’s partner, Development Workshop’s Situation Analysis Reports on Syrian Migrant Workers in Turkey

Click here and here to read the full length situation analysis reports (2016) published by Development Workshop Cooperative on the condition of Syrian seasonal migrant workers in Turkey. 

HasNa Article Appears in the Summer 2015 Peacebuilding Post

The Alliance for Peacebuilding, an association of organizations that promote collaborative action for peace and security world-wide, selected an article on HasNa to appear in its Summer 2015 e-newsletter. The article highlights an event we organized this summer with Georgetown Prep students, through GWU’s Institute for Middle East Studies.

Click here to read HasNa’s article in the Peacebuilding Post…

Article on the Joys of Fund-raising

In the New York Times op-ed section on March 29, 2014, Arthur C. Brooks wrote an article arguing for the value of fund-raising that goes beyond the surface.

“[T]he real magic of fund-raising goes even deeper than temporary happiness or extra income. It creates meaning. Donors possess two disconnected commodities: material wealth and sincere convictions. Alone, these commodities are difficult to combine. But fund-raisers facilitate an alchemy of virtue: They empower those with financial resources to convert the dross of their money into the gold of a better society.”

Read more…

VITA Program in Turkish and Armenian News

HasNa’s VITA: Volunteer Initiative in Turkey & Armenia Program, which took place in January 2014, was closely followed by both Armenian language and Turkish language media outlets. Read more…

Press Release: Program on Civic Engagement brings Armenian and Turkish Youth together in Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 10, 2014 – HasNa’s Volunteer Initiative in Turkey & Armenia (VITA) starts on January 18th with the participants’ arrival to Washington, DC. The VITA participants are 14 young people from Turkey and Armenia from various ethnic, gender and educational backgrounds, united by the idea and the desire to act for the benefit of their communities. Read more…

Press Release: Turkish Movie Showing

HasNa presents Turkey’s best received film of 2011: Dedemin ?nsanlar? (My Grandfather’s People) showing at the Avalon Theater in Washington, DC at 8pm on Feb. 28th.  Read More…

Cyprus Friendship Program 2012 Featured in Leading Cypriot Newspaper

On September 30, Cyprus Mail, one of the leading English-language newspapers on the island, published “Fighting the dark side,” featuring the voices of a mother and several teenage participants in this year’s Cyprus Friendship Program.  Read More…

Press Release: HasNa launches Armenian-Turkish Crafting Peace program

Coinciding with the International Day of Peace, a group of 14 Armenian and Turkish stonemasons, architects, private sector restoration experts, and non-profit professionals will arrive in Washington, DC to participate in HasNa Inc.’s Crafting Peace stonemasonry cooperation program from September 24th to October 3rd.   Read More…

Distance Education program covered by Turkish press

One of Turkey’s leading press agencies, Anadolu Ajansi, recently covered a session of HasNa’s Distance Education program in Diyarbakir, Turkey. The Anadolu Ajansi article, published on July 1, 2012, discusses HasNa’s efforts to bridge the gap between Turkish farmers and agricultural specialists through innovative trainings and relationship-building.  Read More…

Press Release: HasNa holds program for Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot environmental leaders

From July 9th to 20th, a group of ten Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot environmental NGO leaders will arrive in Washington, DC to participate in a HasNa program designed to encourage collaborative solutions to shared environmental problems on the island.  Read More…

Tuning in to Peace: Bilingual Radio Program in Cyprus Initiated by HasNa Wins Award

This January, Cypriot radio stations Radyo Mayis and Radyo Astra were chosen to receive the famed Kutlu Adal? Award for Talk of the Island, a bi-communal radio program broadcast across Cyprus in both Greek and Turkish. Talk of the Island is the result of HasNa’s 2005 program implemented with the Management Centre located in north Cyprus and the Future Worlds Center (formerly the Center for Neuroscience and Technology Institute) in the south.  Read More…

HasNa Article Appears in the Peacebuilding Post

The Alliance for Peacebuilding, an association of organizations that promote collaborative action for peace and security world-wide, selected an article on HasNa to appear in the initial 2012 online publication of the Peacebuilding Post. The article highlights the experiences of participants in HasNa’s successful water and agriculture programs and captures the impact that our conflict resolution training has had on their lives.  Read More…

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