Mission & Vision

HasNa’s mission is to facilitate cross-cultural understanding between communities divided along ethnic, religious, racial, gender, and national lines, and to reduce barriers to effective integration and positive peace.


HasNa’s vision is to create and maintain positive peace in divided communities, leading to economic empowerment, equality, and justice. 

Our work is closely aligned with 6 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals articulated by the United Nations: 

End Poverty In All Its Forms Everywhere

By equipping vulnerable communities with important skills and giving them access to professional training, HasNa aims to reduce poverty by creating avenues to employment and other resources, thereby making them more self-reliant.  

Ensure Inclusive And Equitable Quality Education And Promote Lifelong Learning Opportunities For All

HasNa seeks to improve access to educational opportunities for both refugees and host communities through both online and in-person training and partnerships with local institutions. 

Achieve Gender Equality And Empower All Women And Girls

HasNa’s leadership training programs for women’s NGOs focus on combating violence against women and girls and promoting livelihoods training for women in vulnerable communities.

Promote Sustained, Inclusive And Sustainable Economic Growth, Full And Productive Employment And Decent Work For All

HasNa’s mission is to attain positive peace and integration through livelihoods training and professional development.

Reduce Inequality Within And Among Countries

Through skills training, HasNa aims to reduce inequalities among vulnerable communities and to improve access to economic resources.

Promote Peaceful And Inclusive Societies For Sustainable Development, Provide Access To Justice For All, And Build Effective, Accountable, And Inclusive Institutions At All Levels

The final overarching goal of HasNa is to build and maintain positive peace and a prosperous, inclusive, and just society for all.