Listen Respectfully, Work Collaboratively.

Mission and Approach

HasNa gives people the support they need to resolve disputes across cultures, ethnicities, and borders. We use a development strategy to bring people of diverse backgrounds together for collaboration on projects and programs that will improve their communities and their relations with one another.

With our current Turkey programs, Armenian-Turkish programs, and Cyprus programs, we listen as communities define their own needs. Then we put together the right people, tools and training programs that cross physical and psychological boundaries to help meet those needs over the long term.

HasNa combines training in conflict resolution, professional development, and cross-cultural engagement to achieve this mission. We work with local partners to build peace and advance cooperation by identifying  problems that our approach can best address.

HasNa's approach is based on several key principles:

  • Collaboration among individuals and communities through building personal and organizational relationships, training in conflict resolution, and professional development;
  • Local Partnership to identify and customize programs around local needs;
  • Diversity in program participants, bringing them from varying cultural, social, and economic backgrounds; and
  • Sustainability by ensuring that participants act as local leaders and focus on creating long-term solutions

Rather than dealing with just one issue in the countries where we work, HasNa seeks solutions in six common program areas:

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