Leader Farmer Training Program (2007)


In 2007, HasNa hosted its first Leader Farmer Training Program. This program brought seven farmers and three GAP (Southeastern Anatolian Project) officials, one of whom is also a farmer, from southeastern Turkey to the United States to learn new farming, irrigation and marketing techniques.

During their two week visit, the participants received conflict resolution and communication skills training from the Center for Dispute Settlement and learned new farming methods through visits to farm enterprises in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. These farm extension visits sought to encourage farmers to experiment with new crops and to teach the participants new farming methods to improve their yield, plant quality, and productivity.

The professional skills training, which was led by Dale Johnson of the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, to date has already shown a tremendous impact on the participants’ approach to farming.

There has also been a marked impact on the farmers’ local communities, as each farmer has taken what they learned during the HasNa training session and shared it with his neighbors.

How You Can Help

Agriculture is a crucially important sector for many in rural Turkey, as well as a potential area of cooperation between diverse community members. If you would like to support programs such as this, please make a donation or contact us to get involved.