Interning at HasNa

HasNa needs interns to work in the main office providing administrative and program support. While at HasNa, interns are expected to help plan and organize events, write press releases and online stories, coordinate social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, maintain a contact database, and develop creative ways to market the organization to young professionals.  Interns also find and apply to grants or other funding opportunities.  HasNa has previously applied for various grants and scholarships from a wide variety of sponsors, including from the Chobani Shepherd’s Gift Foundation and the Unorthodox Prize Competition. 

What an Internship Can Do for You

In an increasingly diverse world, a HasNa intern will gain valuable life experience working with people from different backgrounds and beliefs. Furthermore, working with an internationally-focused peacebuilding non-profit like HasNa looks outstanding on a resume. For anyone who is interested in peacemaking, and especially for those planning on making a career in peace building, an internship with HasNa is a great opportunity to learn about and experience various types of conflict resolution firsthand. HasNa believes that the next generation of young people must become dedicated peace builders in order to bring lasting change to their communities. Our youth programs embrace this philosophy, supporting and empowering young people by fostering a spirit of volunteerism, civic engagement, and conflict resolution. Our programs build youth organizations’ capacity and train the trainers of the future. By focusing primarily on today’s youth, HasNa is investing in a safe, peaceful world for generations to come.An internship with HasNa is an excellent opportunity to experience the professional world. 


An internship could be the start to a long, illustrious career in peacebuilding. However, even if you are not sure what you want to do, internships are great for meeting new people, increasing your network of professional contacts and discovering first-hand where your talents lie. 


HasNa is looking for motivated college students interested in promoting peace cross-culturally throughout a semester-long academic internship with HasNa in our main office (located in Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.). Our world needs integration, not isolation. HasNa is dedicated to leveling the playing field so communities feel connected and individuals experience a sense of belonging. HasNa has created a unique training model that provides trainees with the necessary tools to act as catalysts in the development of their communities. A proactive approach that fully incorporates the economic development realities of diverse communities provides a valuable model of sustainable conflict resolution and prevention. Every HasNa project has the potential to start permanently changing the world, making it a more peaceful place. HasNa wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to live in a safe, peaceful environment, and needs as many enthusiastic peace makers as possible to maximize the impact of our programs.


If you are interested in pursuing an internship opportunity, please contact