Linda Ziglar

Executive Board Chair

Creating Friendships for Peace (CFP)

Washington DC, USA

“CFP’s approach to peacebuilding is successful because it is founded on the strong commitment and cooperation of volunteers in the US and in divided communities.” 

Linda is the Executive Board Chair of the non-profit Creating Friendships for Peace (CFP), formerly known as the Cyprus Friendship Program. Over her 5-year tenure in this role, she has taken the charge in helping to promote unity and peace on the divided island nation of Cyprus while simultaneously expanding its focus to new regions including Israel and Palestine. The CFP program has been in place since 1987, bringing together youth from divided societies to work together to better their communities and envision a common future. Through sheer determination and an unshakable commitment to bridging gaps, Linda has successfully expanded the scope and scale of her organization while simultaneously securing its longevity.

Volunteering her time and expertise, Linda has helped CFP’s peacebuilding efforts not only to continue but to thrive, even amid Covid-19. During this time she has spearheaded the establishment of a virtual program, strengthened CFP alumni efforts, expanded the board, and focused on widening the geographic scope of the program’s hosting areas within the USA. While CFP doesn’t depend on one single person to continue its mission, Linda’s leadership has helped to make the program what it is today.

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