HasNa’s 2020 Peacebuilders of the Year

For the past four years HasNa has celebrated each International Day of Peace on September 21st by showcasing exceptional peacebuilders. Committed to bridging divides, strengthening their communities, and promoting visions of a common future, HasNa’s Peacebuilders are integral parts of the societies they work to improve.

It is HasNa’s honor and privilege to present our 2020 Peacebuilders of the Year. Based on their commitment to dismantling barriers to positive peace, giving voice to the underserved, and striving to improve intercommunal relations, all of these women have demonstrated the skill, resolve, and passion that is required to overcome the myriad challenges confronted by those affected by conflict, violence, and injustice.


Mardin Community Participation and Development Association

Mardin, Turkey

Suriye'deki iç savaş nedeniyle 6 yıl önce ailesiyle Türkiye'ye sığınmak zorunda kalan 22 yaşındaki Ravda Nur Cuma, kendi adıyla kurduğu dernekle kız çocuklarının eğitim alması ve erken evliliklerin önlenmesi için çalışacak. ( İslam Yakut - Anadolu Ajansı )


RavdaNur Association

Gaziantep, Turkey

Peacebuilder, Armenia-Turkey Peace Activist, Rakel Dink


Hrant Dink Foundation

Istanbul, Turkey

Medical Doctor and Afghan Refugees Solidarity Association Founder Zakira Hekmat


Afghan Refugees Solidarity Association

Kayseri, Turkey

Civil Society, Women's Rights, and Film Activist Sevna Somuncuoglu


Demir Leblebi Women’s Association

Ankara, Turkey

Cypriot Investigative Journalist and Peace Activist Sevgul Uludag

Investigative Journalist

Yeniduzen, Politis Newspapers

Lefkoşa/Nicosia, Cyprus

Peacebuilder, Creating Frienships for Peace, Cyprus Friendship Program, Executive Board Chair Linda Ziglar

Executive Board Chair

Creating Friendships for Peace

Washington DC, USA