Kathy Scruggs and Pat Lowther were Peace Corps volunteers in Turkey during the 1960s. After more than 4 decades, they are returning in May to lead a 3 week HasNa English language program. Kathy and Pat will travel to Diyarbakir, Turkey to train 16 NGO professionals, including board members and volunteers.

English Language Trainers, Kathy Scruggs and Pat Lowther, in front of the White House

English language training is one of HasNa’s priority program areas for 2011. It is at the top of the list of HasNa alumni requests for new skills and knowledge. “If I am able to improve my English, it will bring various opportunities for both me and my co-workers,” one graduate from HasNa’s Program Management Training 2010 said when asked what skills would be most beneficial to him in the future.

According to a needs analysis conducted by one of HasNa’s local NGO partners, lack of adequate English language skills is hindering communication between local NGOs and international organizations. Local NGOs feel that this prevents adequate cooperation and the exchange of expertise and knowledge.

Kathy and Pat are now retired after careers as English language teachers. Kathy says that, “This will be a good way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps and to get to know Diyarbakir too.” Kathy and Pat have been supporters of HasNa and are excited about the opportunity to teach in Turkey again.

By Duygu Soyer