Drip Irrigation System for Pistachio Gardens in Sanliurfa (2006)


In 2006 HasNa awarded a small grant to Servet Yazar, a graduate of HasNa’ water resource management training in 2000, to carry out a two-year project to promote drip irrigation systems for pistachio trees in Sanliurfa, Turkey. The purpose of Mr. Yazar’s project was to introduce a modern irrigation system to fellow farmers to demonstrate how they could increase the yield of their pistachio trees from every other year to every year and how they could improve the quality of the pistachio fruits.

After installing an irrigation system on his five-acre pistachio garden in 2006, Mr. Yazar noted a 40-50% increase in yield. Though pistachios are a major source of income for farmers in southeastern Turkey, drip irrigation systems had not been previously applied to the region largely because farmers did not believe pistachios needed irrigation.

Yet after observing the immensely positive results Mr. Yazar was achieving and learning from his sample project, Mr. Yazar’s neighboring farmers began building their own irrigation systems starting in the fall of 2007.