Diyarbakir English Language Teacher Training Program (2011)


HasNa’s English Language Teacher Training Program in Diyarbakir took place in two phases. The first phase began in April 2011 with advanced language training for 12 middle-school and high-school English teachers in Diyarbakir, Turkey. This month-long program covered English teaching practices and techniques in addition to strengthening their own language capabilities.

Four of these teachers from public and private schools were selected to participate in the program’s second phase in July and August 2011. These teachers took part in intensive English courses at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, with topics covering American conversational English, business communication skills, and advanced speaking techniques. During their time in the nation’s capital, the teachers stayed with HasNa volunteers who introduced them to the city and enhanced their English learning experience.

Upon their return to Diybarbakir, these teachers initiated an after-school English language program for underprivileged youth who would otherwise not have access to specialized English lessons. The teachers are collaborating with their schools and the Diyarbakir Development Center (Kalkinma Merkezi) to expand the program and ensure its sustainability.