HasNa’s Cyprus Friendship Program (CFP) is in its 3rd year!

CFP focuses on fostering trust and understanding through friendships between Turkish Cypriot teens and Greek Cypriot teens. CFP prepares these future leaders to find bi-communal solutions for living harmoniously together in Cyprus.

An impressive turnout--over 200 parents and teens attend a CFP briefing in Cyprus.

This year the program is expanding tremendously. The group of 60 young, future leaders from Cyprus will live in Oregon, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, as well as Washington, DC and Northern Virginia for a month of leadership training, team building, and community service.  This is a big step forward since CFP began in 2009 with 20 teens living in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

The enthusiasm for the Cyprus Friendship Program continues to grow as well, as both teens and host families prepare for the arrival in the U.S.

HasNa would like to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the volunteers that made CFP 2011 possible:

Warren Muir, Executive Director and Chair


Cheron Calder, Portland, OR Coordinator

Cassie Cleverly, New Hampshire Coordinator

Tom McCarthy, Maryland Coordinator

Mike Messinger, Northern Virginia Coordinator

Liz Swenson, Connecticut Coordinator

Priyanka Komala, Webmaster

Kim Bell, Transportation Coordinator

Don Guziewicz, Transportation Coordinator


Nicos Anastasiou

Sarper Ince

Sotia Adamidou

Cise Sakalli

Simge Kahvecioglu

Theano Kalavana

Meral Akinci

By Ciara Masterson