HasNa’s Cyprus Friendship Program (CFP) is underway again!  For a 2nd year, HasNa has brought a group of young, future leaders to the United States for a month of leadership training, team building and community service. CFP focuses on fostering trust and understanding through friendships between Turkish Cypriot teens and Greek Cypriot teens to prepare these future leaders to find bi-communal solutions for living harmoniously in Cyprus.

The teens’ journey to the U.S. began in Cyprus several months ago when these passionate and motivated young people were selected to participate in the Cyprus Friendship Program. In the weeks before their departure to the States, the teens participated in many activities and workshops to build their relationships with one another and to bring together their friends and families as well. The teens were also placed in pairs, one teenager from each community, to strengthen their individual friendships.

The 9 pairs selected for the 4 week stay in the U.S. (7 pairs in the D.C. area and 2 in New Hampshire) will live with American host families, they will sleep in the same room, eat at the same table, and build their friendships in a politically neutral environment.  The aim of the residential is to promote understanding through interaction between the pairs so that they can form a bond between them that will last beyond the program dates.

Tomorrow the teens will have their FIRST team building activity at The Mason Center for Team and Organizational Learninghttp://www.edgeatmason.com/

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by Ciara Masterson