Assessing our Impact

How are we doing? Are we making an impact with our programs? To what degree are we achieving our mission?

These are questions NGOs must ask themselves time and again to ensure that they are indeed making a difference.

HasNa completed a comprehensive survey of our program graduates to assess the impact we have made in the last ten years. We received an impressive 47% response rate from our graduates–graduates who may live in remote regions of Turkey or participated in one of our first few programs a decade ago. The results confirm that our model–bringing diverse groups together to learn communication and conflict management skills–transforms the relationships our graduates have with people in their families, communities, and careers.

HasNa’s work depends on the support of donors and the reputation we build with graduates and partner organizations. Assessing the impact of our efforts helps us remain accountable to achieving our mission and it also helps us improve as we move forward.

Here are some of the survey highlights:

•  90% of graduates said that HasNa’s training had a positive impact on their careers

•  81% of graduates said that HasNa’s training had a positive impact on their family relationships

•  86% of graduates said that HasNa’s training had a positive impact on their community involvement

•  39%, the largest portion of graduates’ responses, mentioned that the part of their HasNa experience that was most useful to them was the communication training

“Your point of view changes. The communication course was very important. I started to understand people.”

-Graduate from HasNa’s Leader Farmers Training Program 2007

Another highlight from the surveys was the enthusiasm graduates had to visit the United States and to meet Americans. Their enthusiasm is significant especially at a time when global perception of the U.S. is low. When asked what part of their HasNa experience they liked most, 38% of graduate graduate responses mentioned visiting the U.S. to learn about American culture and to meet Americans.

“I have started making plans to take my family to the U.S. I especially want to introduce the U.S. to my son.”

-Graduate from HasNa’s Program Management Training 2010

Based on the survey responses we identified areas for future improvement and growth. The survey has provided us with a wealth of information to help us as we continually improve to maximize our impact.

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By Ryan Olivett