Announcing HasNa’s Citizen Journalism Training Program

The ways we conduct journalism, activism, and storytelling have changed drastically in recent years.

HasNa’s Citizen Journalism Training Program—or “Gorilla Activism” as it is being called in Cyprus—is an 8-day workshop that began June 20th. The program was developed in conjunction with the Management Centre and Cyprus Community Media Centre in Cyprus to empower Cypriot youth with innovative and fun tools and skills to engage in citizen journalism and digital storytelling.

Biased journalism is a major influence in Cyprus and has furthered misunderstanding between the two communities. There is a growing need for news that is prepared by and for youth, using digital social networking as an effective media platform. This program trains young Cypriots on the techniques of digital storytelling and the principles of citizen journalism to enable them to produce bi-communal news stories and increase interaction between the communities.

Check back soon for more information on this exciting new program!

By Ciara Masterson