During spring and summer we were busy running projects. This fall and winter we are busy building for the future.

We are diligently working to establish partnerships with in-country organizations, surveying previous HasNa graduates, and upgrading technology in order to build a foundation for achieving our future goals.

HasNa’s programs depend on strong coordination with capable NGO partners. Indeed, partnerships are critical for our unique model to succeed. Two of our interns, Duygu Soyer and Ruken Isik, have extensive networks in Turkey’s NGO sector. They are both working to establish partnerships with NGOs in Turkey that share HasNa’s values. We have a number of important programs in development: Turkey-Armenia Building Bridges, Beekeepers Union Strategic Plan Development, and a follow-up project to our Eco-tourism training project. HasNa is also developing new women’s projects in Turkey. Ruken is enrolled in a graduate program focused on women’s issues and is helping to design the programs. We will keep you informed as these programs continue to develop.

Sustaining long-term relationships with program graduates is also an integral part of our model. We are in the midst of surveying our graduates to maintain these relationships, assess the impacts of our work, and look for future project opportunities. It’s a big task but we hope for an even bigger payoff. Many of our projects originate from the ideas of graduates. They have unique knowledge and experience that helps us identify different opportunities and make connections with new people. More importantly, gauging the impact of our previous work helps us improve as we move forward.

Technology is a critical component of any modern organization and we are implementing big changes in our internal network. In the last six months we have upgraded our computer software, network hardware, and we are currently installing a virtual private network. Improved technology gives us the ability to collaborate more effectively and create higher quality documents. We have identified adding more staff members to the HasNa team as an important part of achieving our long term goals; a larger staff of qualified individuals will expand the skill-set of our organization. Improved technology allows us more flexibility in our work environment to deal with a larger staff and higher workload.

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By Ryan Olivett