Ayogya: Nepal’s Disenfranchised Ex-Combatants

In March 2019, Rukmini Banerjee (President of HasNa) traveled to Nepal to attend the South Asian Regional Institute for the Study and Practice of Strategic Nonviolent Action organized by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, Center for Social Change, National Network for the Families of the Disappeared, and Department of Conflict, Peace, and Development Studies, […]

Asian Action Institute 2019: South Asian Regional Institute for the Study and Practice of Strategic Nonviolent Action

Earlier this month, the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) partnered with Nepal’s Center for Social Change (CSC), Department of Conflict, Peace, and Development Studies, Tribhuvan University, and the National Network of the Families of the Disappeared (NEFAD) to organize a week-long, intensive training program on non-violent civil resistance. The Asian Action Institute was held […]

The Anti-Kurdish Paradigm: From Sykes-Picot to the September 2017 Referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan

On November 26, the Kurdish Policy Research Center hosted a conversation at the National Press Club with Ismail Beşikçi on the history of the Kurdish Question, from Sykes-Picot to last year’s referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan. Beşikçi has been studying and writing about Kurdish politics since the 1960s. His work has been very controversial in his native […]

DemoSapiens: Freedom Under Threat

This past Thursday, HasNa hosted the third gathering in our DemoSapiens discussion series, co-hosted with MetaCulture. DemoSapiens comes from the Greek demos, meaning “people” and sapiens, meaning “wise,” because the series is designed to allow us to learn from one another’s wisdom. This third episode really leaned into that intention; there was no presentation and the entirety […]

The Intersection of Faith and Politics

On October 2, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies hosted a fascinating discussion with Christian evangelist Rob Schenck. Schenck spoke earnestly about conviction and faith and his recent turn away many mainstream evangelical political positions.   Rob Schenck framed his life story around three main conversions. His first conversion was purely religious; as a […]

Insiders/Outsiders: Nations, Borders, and Immigration

On Monday, September 24, HasNa and MetaCulture held the second discussion in our DemoSapiens series. This time, the topic was Nations, Borders, and Immigration.  The event started with a presentation by HasNa president, Rukmini Banerjee. Rukmini provided historical context for today’s immigration debates, beginning with the earliest recorded mention of passports, which was granted to […]