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AUGUST 1 -13, 2016

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Agriculture is the largest source of income in southeastern Turkey. The improvement of farming and irrigation techniques is vitally important for the advancement of the region.

HasNa’s water and agriculture programs reach diverse groups of farmers, local water associations, and others through technical training and communication training programs. Programs enable participants to increase their productivity and resolve conflicts in their communities so as to sustain their advances.

Farm Extension Programs

Farmers in southeastern Turkey face numerous obstacles to competing in Turkey’s produce market because of lack of access to modern agricultural techniques and training opportunities. HasNa provides training programs on farm extension to farmers and agricultural experts in southeastern Turkey to help them overcome these obstacles. The first component of these programs is the Distance Education Program, which aims to connect farmers directly to agricultural expertise via Skype sessions between Turkish farmers and American agricultural experts. The second component of these programs, a U.S.-based training program, involves bringing a small group of farmers and experts to the U.S. every year for a two-week long training on the functions and advantages of the farm extension system.  Learn More…


Citrus Farmers Training Program

Agriculture is a major source of income in Southern Turkey. In the province of Mersin, many farmers cultivate citrus fruits using traditional agricultural techniques inherited from their ancestors. HasNa designed the Citrus Farmers Training Program to provide education on modern farming techniques and business skills to citrus farmers from Southern Turkey. Citrus farmers traveled to Washington, DC and Florida between June 19 and July 2, 2011 to learn modern citrus farming techniques, business fundamentals, and communication skills.  Read More…

Pistachio Farmers Training Program

In Southeastern Turkey, agriculture is the only source of income for many poor farmers. Nevertheless, the climate in the region is ideal for growing many agricultural products, including pistachios. In June 2010, HasNa welcomed six pistachio farmers, two government officials, and two farm extension workers to its Pistachio Farmers Training Program 2010. The program exposed the participants from diverse backgrounds to modern pistachio farming techniques in the U.S., which they will be able to use to improve their pistachio yield when they return to Turkey.  Read More…


Leader Farmer Training Program

In 2007, HasNa hosted its first Leader Farmer Training Program. This program brought seven farmers and three GAP (Southeastern Anatolian Project) officials, one of whom is also a farmer, from southeastern Turkey to the United States to learn new farming, irrigation and marketing techniques.  Read More…

Farm Extension Workers Training Program

Recognizing the need to take a more comprehensive approach to agricultural education, HasNa conducted its first Farm Extension Workers Training Program in 2006. Farm extension workers are integral members of agricultural development in southeastern Turkey. Topics included extension educational programming and evaluation techniques, implementing new teaching techniques, and how to plan farmer field days. The conflict resolution training focused on improving communication skills which will help build trust between farmers and the extension workers.  Read More…


Water User Association Chairmen Training Program

After five years of hearing stories from the engineers about their training, and witnessing their successes when given the authority to use techniques learned during HasNa training, the chairmen of the Water Users’ Associations decided to see it for themselves. In 2005, for the first time HasNa hosted nine chairmen from the WUAs in southeastern Turkey, who head the water associations and are also landowners and community leaders.  Read More…

Project to Promote Plum Trees as Alternative Crop

In 2006, HasNa awarded a small grant to Servet Abrak, a participant in HasNa’s water resource management training in 2002, to demonstrate for other farmers in his village how to grow plums. Fruit grows particularly well in the Sanliurfa province, yet many farmers are still wary of straying from traditional crops such as wheat, barley, cotton and corn even in spite of their low yield and low profit.  Read More…


Drip Irrigation System for Pistachio Gardens in Sanliurfa

In 2006 HasNa awarded a small grant to Servet Yazar, a graduate of HasNa’ water resource management training in 2000, to carry out a two-year project to promote drip irrigation systems for pistachio trees in Sanliurfa, Turkey. The purpose of Mr. Yazar’s project was to introduce a modern irrigation system to fellow farmers to demonstrate how they could increase the yield of their pistachio trees from every other year to every year and how they could improve the quality of the pistachio fruits.  Read More…

Encouraging Fava Bean and Pea Cultivation during the Winter

In response to a need by small land farmers in Sanliurfa, Turkey to increase their yearly profits, HasNa awarded a small grant to Servet Abrak in 2005 to create an educational fava bean and pea cultivation project. Mr. Abrak, who participated in HasNa’s water resource management training in 2002, felt that fava beans and peas grown during the winter would be an excellent supplement to small land farmers’ income.  Read More…


Strawberry Cultivation as an Alternative Crop in the GAP Region

In 2005, HasNa awarded a small grant to Cetin Sen, a graduate of HasNa’ water resource management training in 2003, to start a program in Sanliurfa, Turkey teaching local small land farmers about strawberry production. Recent developments in irrigation had made it possible for farmers in the region to grow cotton, yet due to the large cost of cultivation, small land farmers were not able to make enough money from their crop to earn a living. Mr. Sen’s goal for the strawberry cultivation program was to teach these farmers how to grow and market an alternative crop – strawberries – so that they would be able to earn a greater profit off their land. Local farmers received hands-on training from the planting process all the way through harvesting and marketing.  Read More…

The Harran Su Newspaper

In 2004, HasNa awarded a small grant to Servet Yazar to create Harran Su, a newspaper which provides those in the agricultural sector information on new farming techniques, irrigation and water use innovations, and the resources available to the farming community. Mr. Yazar, who participated in HasNa’s water resource management training in 2000, sought to familiarize farmers in southeastern Turkey with the latest farming developments and to develop a network of individuals who will be able to share farming skills with one another. Mr. Yazar also saw Harran Su as an opportunity to work with and connect farmers from Turkey’s diverse cultural groups.  Read More…


Program to Strengthening Relations in the Harran Plain

Agriculture is the main source of income in southeastern Turkey and therefore, maintaining a positive relationship between farmers and water engineers is important to the development of the region. In 2004, HasNa awarded a small grant to Fatih Yildiz, a participant of HasNa’s water resource management training program in 2000, to conduct interviews and informational sessions with farmers and water engineers of the Harran Plain in southeastern Turkey regarding their often tense relationship with each other.  Read More…

Southeast Anatolia Water Resource Management Project

In 2000, HasNa began a long-term project aimed at improving the effectiveness of Water User Associations (WUA) in the Sanliurfa region of Turkey. The Southeast Anatolia Water Resource Management Project brings diverse groups of irrigation and agricultural engineers to the United States for training in water management, sustainable agriculture, farmer outreach, managerial skills and conflict resolution skills. HasNa focuses on training young adults because they have the greatest potential to become influential members in their communities. The program was expanded in 2002 to focus on the training of water engineers in conflict resolution and management skills.  Read More…

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