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Hello, I am Duygu Soyer from Ankara, Turkey. I have worked in the non-profit sector voluntarily and professionally for ten years.

I first met HasNa in April as a participant of Program Manager Training 2010. It was a well-designed, comprehensive training program aimed at helping to develop NGOs and managers. The program taught us about the defining characteristics of successful and institutionalized NGOs and effective leadership. One of my inferences from the training was that Turkey needs more motivated, open-minded, and experienced young leaders in Turkey to strengthen the non-profit sector.

I am very excited and happy that I will be working with HasNa. HasNa has a strong interest in helping to strengthen NGOs in Turkey and I plan to do my best to contribute to the effort. I believe that this experience will be a milestone both in my life and my career.

Duygu is participating in the Atlas Corps Fellowship and will be serving at HasNa for one year.

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