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Listen Respectfully, Work Collaboratively.
  • HasNa’s Work Pays Off!

    Now more than ever, a deal for the reunification looks promising! Reunification cannot only happen amongst the politicians from the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ; it must happen amongst the citizens of both sides. Since 2001, HasNa has brought together Greek and Turkish Cypriots for trainings, and our work has reached over 600 families on an island with a population of just over a million. The future of Cyprus is brighter than ever, and HasNa will continue working hard promoting a peaceful coexistence.

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  • Working Report on Syrian Refugees by HasNa Alum

    Ertan Karabayik, an alumni of a past HasNa agricultural training, is now the director of the Development Workshop, a Turkish organization. Between May and November 2016, as part of the Improving the Protection and Health Conditions of Syrians and Migrants in the South of Turkey project, the Development Workshop aimed to reduce the protection risks faced by vulnerable groups of migrants through an integrated approach incorporating research, advocacy and humanitarian assistance.

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  • Peacebuilder of the Year

    HasNa is pleased to recognize Amanda Messinger as our “Peacebuilder of the Year”. Amanda and her husband Mike have been the coordinators of the Cyprus Friendship Program (CFP) for the DC/VA area since 2010, and they have been vital to its success. First launched in 2009, CFP brings teenagers from Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities to the United States to meet American families and build lasting friendships while developing leadership skills and embracing civic responsibility. Amanda became involved with CFP after hosting two Northern Ireland teens, one a Catholic and one a Protestant, and witnessing firsthand the friendship formed between individuals from a divided population. For for the past six years, she has hosted Cypriot teenagers and located other host families in the DC/VA area, and the CFP has thrived as a result of her hard work. HasNa thanks Amanda for her contributions towards peace in Cyprus and is grateful for her commitment to peacebuilding.

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  • How building relationships among Turks and Armenians fosters peace

    Earlier this year, HasNa was approached by Global Peace Services to share our experiences on peacebuilding programs with their audience. The article specifically highlights our most recent Armenia-Turkey initiative, which has taken place over the past year. See pages 3-6 of the newsletter.

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  • Women Entrepreneurs

    HasNa works to enable women to play a prominent role in their local economies. In a business climate that is dominated by men, HasNa programs provide women with the skills and confidence they need to thrive and prosper. Recently, HasNa implemented a program to empower Turkish and Armenian women in their local communities. Each program integrates communication...

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  • Program on Civic Engagement brings Armenian and Turkish Youth together in Washington

    HasNa’s Volunteer Initiative in Turkey & Armenia (VITA) took place from January 18th to February 1st in Washington. The VITA participants are 14 young people from Turkey and Armenia from various ethnic, gender and educational backgrounds, united by the idea and desire to act for the benefit of their communities.

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  • Farm Extension Program

    Farmers in Southeastern Turkey face many obstacles competing in Turkey's produce market mostly due to lack of access to modern agricultural techniques, training, and effective communication with experts. HasNa provides training from Turkish & American agricultural experts who teach farmers how to improve their productivity...

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HasNa works…

to give people the support they need to resolve disputes across cultures, ethnicities, and borders. We use a development strategy to bring people of diverse backgrounds together for collaboration on projects and programs that will improve their communities and their relations with one another.


What We Do...

HasNa and our local partners have been implementing programs in Turkey and Cyprus for over a decade. Projects address different needs in each country, based on the same model of conflict resolution, economic empowerment, and sustained collaboration.

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Our Programs...

HasNa has implemented programs within several key areas: water and agriculture, women in business, community groups, youth, and media and communications. HasNa additionally encourages and supports projects led by our program alumni to achieve our mission.

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HasNa relies on volunteers to help make each of our programs a success. Volunteering can be a meaningful experience and is invaluable to the work that we do every day. Individuals and businesses can contribute in various ways to make a difference.

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